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Concept Assessment

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Kindness Check

Ask your child about a time they shared or helped a friend.

Encourage them to express how it made them feel and discuss why being kind is important.

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Empathy Explorer

Share a scenario involving feelings, for example, a friend being sad.

Ask how they would feel in that situation and what they might do to help their friend feel better.

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Effort Explorer

Inquire about something they really wanted and had to work for, just like Bono did for the marula fruit.

Discuss the effort they put in and how it felt when they achieved their goal.

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Gifts of the Heart

Discuss what makes a gift special, going beyond physical items.

Explore the idea that kindness and love can be the most precious gifts.

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Reflection on Generosity

Discuss the part of the story where Bono gave away the marula fruit.

Ask your child how they think Bono felt after sharing his gift and what they would feel if they were in Bono's place.

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