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about the Bonobo Chimpanzee

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The Bonobo chimpanzee is found in Central Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The Bonobo is also called the
Pygmy chimpanzee.

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Mom's the Boss:
In bonobo families, moms are in charge! The older females lead the group, making sure everyone gets along and resolving conflicts, just like a superhero mom.

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Super Swingers:
Bonobos are excellent tree climbers and swingers. They can swing from branch to branch using their long arms, making them the acrobats of the jungle!

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Dancing in the Rain: Bonobos love to dance, especially in the rain! Imagine a chimp doing a happy dance with raindrops falling around – it's a jungle party!

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Sharing is Caring: 
Bonobos are known for their generosity. They often share food with each other, just like how you might share your snacks with friends.

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Bonobos are Clever Communicators:

Bonobos use various sounds,
gestures, and even facial expressions to talk to each other. It's like having a secret language with their friends in the jungle!

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