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Learning Values from
Thomas's Story

In the wonderful story of Thomas, the boy who brought light to the night, there are important values that we can all learn from and apply in our everyday lives. Let's explore these values and see how you, as parents, can use this story to teach them to your children. 

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Thomas was a curious boy who always asked questions and wondered about the world. As parents, you can encourage your children to be curious, to ask "why" and "how" questions, and to explore their interests. Like Thomas, curiosity can lead to great discoveries. You can start by asking your child what makes them curious and excited. Maybe it's animals, space, or something else. Encourage their questions and help them explore their interests. 

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 Belief in

Thomas believed in his idea even when others had tried and failed before him. You can instill self-confidence in your children, teaching them to believe in their abilities and ideas. Share with your child the idea that believing in themselves is super important. Ask them about things they'd like to do or learn. Remind them that they can achieve great things when they believe in their abilities.

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Thomas faced many challenges and failures, but he never gave up. His determination was his secret weapon. You can teach your children the value of perseverance and resilience. It's okay for them to face difficulties; what matters is never giving up on their dreams. Talk to your child about how Thomas faced problems and didn't give up. Share stories of your own challenges and how you overcame them. Explain that it's okay to find things difficult sometimes; what matters is not giving up on their dreams


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While others had tried to create a light bulb before Thomas, he learned from their efforts. You can encourage your children to learn from the experiences and knowledge of others. Share stories of how you learned something from someone and how that helped. Encourage your child to listen and learn from people who know more about things they're interested in. It's like standing on the shoulders
of giants to see further.

from Others

Use the story of Thomas as a starting point for conversations. Incorporating these values into daily life can help your children grow into curious, determined, and confident individuals who believe in their ability to make a positive impact on the world, just like Thomas Edison did.

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