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Bono, the bonobo chimpanzee sat on a branch of his favourite tree. He looked very confused. He could not think of any gift for Kimaya. 

Kimaya was the most beautiful empress, a female chimp in the Booshkata jungle. Bono was very fond of her and would always bring her small gifts like flowers, nuts and berries. Today he wanted to give her something even more special to show her that she was a special friend.

The marula trees grew on the far side of the jungle. It was a long journey. 

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Bono had to swing from tree to tree, climb rocks and walk through thick bushes.  He even had to cross a brook where he almost fell into the snapping jaws of a crocodile! It wasn’t easy for Bono. But when he finally had a big, ripe marula fruit in his 
hand, he was thrilled.
He couldn’t wait to 
meet Kimaya and give
her this wonderful gift. 

He had almost reached home 
when he heard a painful sob.
He looked around and saw a small chimpanzee on 
the branch of a nearby tree. He was wailing bitterly and his mother had tears in her eyes too. 

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                     ‘Don’t cry Danny. I’ll surely find some food for us today’. Mama chimp tried to console her baby. But Danny the little chimp wouldn’t stop. He sobbed even more saying, ‘But mom, I’m so hungry and we haven’t found any food for two days now’. Bono felt very sad when he saw the hungry chimp and
his mother.


He looked at the big delicious fruit in his
hand. Then, he stepped up to the mother and gave
her the fruit.

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The little chimp was so delighted.He stopped crying
and beganto eat it.

“Thank you so much. You have saved us today,”
said mama chimp. Bono was happy that he could help
someone in need but he was also sad

that he didn’thave any special gift

for Kimaya now.


He turned to go back to his branch and was surprised
to see Kimaya smiling at him from a branch nearby.
She came to him and said, “Thank you Bono.”
“Thanks for what Kimaya?
I have not given you
anything today, ” enquired
a confused Bono.

Kimaya explains, “By giving
away the fruit, you have
shown kindness and
compassion. That is the most
wonderful gift of all.”

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She then gave him a tight hug. Bono was delighted
and couldn’t believe how a small act of kindness
had given him so much love in return.

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