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Curiosity Unleashed

Question: How did Thomas's curiosity drive him to embark on a journey to bring light to the night? How can you apply curiosity in your own life to explore new interests or ideas?

Perseverance Power

Question: Thomas faced numerous challenges and failures in his quest. How did his determination and perseverance lead to the invention of the light bulb? Share an experience from your life where perseverance helped you overcome a tough situation.

Belief in Yourself

Question: Thomas believed in his idea even when others had failed. In what ways can self-confidence and belief in oneself make a difference in achieving personal goals? Share a story from your life where self-belief played a crucial role.

Bringing Ideas to Light

Question: The story emphasizes that everyone has the potential to bring their brilliance to the world. How can you apply the values of curiosity, determination, belief in oneself, and learning from others to make a positive impact or bring your own ideas to light? Share your thoughts on how these values can lead to personal and collective success.

Learning from Others

Question: Thomas learned from the attempts of those who came before him. How can learning from others' experiences and knowledge contribute to personal growth and success? Share an example from your life when you gained valuable insights from someone else's experiences.



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