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The Curious

 Thomas Edison was a very curious person. He invented a machine called a "phonograph" that could record and play back sounds. He also made a talking doll that could say words.

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and Trying

Edison never gave up. He invented the light bulb, which is what makes our rooms bright when it's dark. He tried more than a thousand times to make it work before he succeeded!

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Edison didn't just stop at the light bulb. He made the first movies using special machines. These machines showed stories on a screen, just like the movies you watch today!

People Hear

Thomas Edison invented a hearing aid called the "carbon microphone." It helped people who had trouble hearing to listen better. Edison cared about making life better for others.

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A Love for

Edison loved reading and learning new things. He read many books and even had his own newspaper when he was a kid. He believed that learning was very important, and that's why he invented so many amazing things.

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