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Gratitude Stones

(Alternate activity)

Build a foundation of kindness by creating a collection of gratitude stones.

1. Collect small, smooth stones from your backyard.
2. Decorate each stone with bright colors or positive words.
3. Whenever you experience or witness kindness, add a new stone to your collection.
4. Watch your gratitude stones grow, reminding you of the kindness around you!


Grow Your
Kindness Tree

Grow your kindness tree with new leaves for every act of kindness.

1.Draw a tree without leaves on a sheet of paper.
2.  Create separate leaves from colorful paper.
3.  Color the tree trunk brown and the leaves in vibrant shades.
4. Attach a leaf to your tree each time you perform a kind act. Watch it grow greener with every act of kindness!

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Activity to

learn and grow

with values

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