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Welcome to StoryWalker,
a young content company with big crazy ideas!

We're on a mission to be a global media tech enterprise, shaping children's lives through transformative stories. As ‘A Parent's Partner and A Child's Companion’, we offer solutions for everyday parenting challenges through storytelling.

Our approach integrates original content as Intellectual Properties (IPs), spanning multiple markets and engagement models. Focused on the 3-6 and 7-10 age groups, our age-specific content, with 9 IPs, builds immersive worlds for young minds and young families.

We're not just storytellers; we're creators of cross-platform wonders for tomorrow's generation.

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Welcome to Booshkata, StoryWalker's solution to a modern parenting dilemma! In a world focused on building IQ, parents often overlook the vital aspect of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Booshkata, a vibrant jungle, is our answer.

Booshkata is not just a universe; it's a haven of characters, stories, and designs aimed at imparting essential values and life lessons to children through captivating tales.

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  • 25+ distinct characters tailored for 3-6 and 7-10 age groups

  • A complete screenplay series

  • Hundreds of engaging short stories in print and audio

  • Captivating merchandise

  • An EQ Learning Platform

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  • 15 captivating character designs

  • Writer's Bible & Show Structure

  • Concepts for the first 20 stories

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Though we live in a world of mixed marriages, multi cultural work environments, multi ethnic sports teams, we peddle divisive conflicts rather than celebrating our differences. The idea of Dinogons is a reminder of the beauty, virtues and values of diversity, inclusiveness and equality. It goes straight to the first and most fundamental social structure: the family.

Welcome to Dinogons, where diversity meets family values for a positive transformation! In a world of divisions, Dinogons, born to Duncan the Dinosaur (Dad) and Diandra the Dragon (Mom), an amazing blend of awesomeness, embody the reminder that embracing differences begins with family.

Dinogons (Dana, Ivo, Nero, Odele, Gina, Odo & Neo) are not just 7 kids; they're like any others worldwide, with loves, dislikes, quirks, and fears. However, their strength lies in being a family that supports, loves, and uplifts one another

Hush Hush Hounds

Dogs are our best friends. Dogs are family. Dogs are a four legged word called love!

Pet parents today indulge a lot on their four legged family member but the multi billion pet market is mostly a transactional space that does not reflect the emotive relationship.

We decided to change that with Hush Hush Hounds.

Introducing Hush Hush Hounds—a not-so-secret realm where dogs become detectives, own coffee shops, and redefine coolness beyond human antics on Instagram. In this emotive canine universe, we leverage the profound bond between pet parents and their furry friends through a content to commerce approach

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  • 36+ character designs embodying diverse breeds and personalities

  • E-commerce website (pilot)

  • Concept comics that bring the world of Hush Hush Hounds to life

  • Branded merchandise for dog lovers

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LisaLiza is an endearing series about two sisters; one of them is autistic. This story is about the value that every child is special and follows three young kids who are all different and amazing in their own way.

It tackles the subject of special in a very simple and sensitive manner as it follows the adventures of the three kids who are out there saving their neighborhood, one day at a time!


Neha is an 8-year-old girl full of beans!
She is everything her parents wanted and everything that keeps them on their toes.

But there’s a lot more to this ‘next door hero’ who is just the idol every little girl wants.

This IP is currently in market as a tee shirt brand for young girls.

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